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We deliver 20 or 40 foot containers direct to your door. They are perfect for home or business storage, and we guarantee you will get the lowest monthly payments in your area!

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Your monthly rent-to-own payments go towards your ownership of the container in 1, 2 or 3 years. All for a monthly rate that is less than the cost of renting at a self storage facility!

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No waiting for a quote! We’ve listed our very best pricing for you including delivery. Purchase instantly and securely. Our marketplace protection policy guarantees your total satisfaction.

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We’ve got the highest quality new and used containers you want.

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Let our superstar team of professionals do the heavy lifting. The world’s largest and most trusted shipping container marketplace ensures that your container is delivered right to the ground using a tilt-bed trailer. All of our drivers are licensed, bonded and insured so that your container arrives in great shape, exactly the way it should.

*Delivery days are approximate business days excluding holidays from the date your payment clears. Special orders and container surveys take extra time. Delivery dates are not guaranteed, but we promise to work hard to ensure your total satisfaction. It’s easy to see what’s going on with ShippingContainer.World’s online shipping container delivery tracking or contact us.

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Buying a shipping container is no small purchase. Fortunately, at the Shipped Marketplace your orders are always covered. Across cities, countries or continents, our iron-clad Marketplace Protection Policy ensures your safety and 100% satisfaction on every purchase.

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All Types Of Shipping Containers Are Available

20′ Standard

20′ High-Cube

20′ Double Doors

20′ Open Side

40′ Standard

40′ High-Cube

40′ Double Doors

40′ Open Side

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The shipping container industry waited a long time for this marketplace. I personally know the principals behind the site and have assisted in it’s development. I love saving time and money and ShippingContainer.World makes it easy for anyone to find the very best conex shipping container deals around the world.

In spending a great deal of time exploring the functionality of the site and working multiple transactions from beginning to end, there’s no doubt that ShippingContainer.World has come up with a site that revolutionizes the way that people buy shipping containers. The site is responsive, intuitive and engineered to precision. Well done gentlemen.
In the same way that the airlines are using internet gateways like Priceline to sell their extra seats, shipping container vendors are able to offer their containers through the Shipped Marketplace direct to us. We really feel great being able to choose from such a diverse range of offers.

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Shipping Containers Are Trending In Excess Of One Reason

Containers sold “as-is” have sustained damage. There may be an area of steel missing, or even the floor may have rotted out. Some of these containers can also be missing doors or are heavily rusted. What plans do you possess for your storage container you might be purchasing? Are you informed about preppers? Doomsday preppers begin using these containers as homes and underground shelters however, that is certainly not the only real trend.

Shipping Container World offers shipping containers in a range of types and sizes, and also in all conditions, too. You can buy a brand new container that has only made its maiden voyage. These containers ship goods from Asia for some other countries to defray the shipping costs for delivering containers to interested buyers. Certified pre-owned containers are also offered. Plus you will find WWT or “wind and watertight containers” and containers sold “as-is,” too, both of which have been retired through the shipping industry.

These highly versatile containers maximize space, whether for storage or living purposes. Therefore, everyone is creating homes away from them, and also the effects are amazing. People make use of multiple containers and obtain really creative. You may be considering these containers as they are, with no cosmetic adjustments and certainly no windows. Yet you should take a look at what many of these homeowners have performed using their storage containers.

The 20-foot and 40-foot standard shipping containers with single doors are the most common. You can get these in every condition. Should you be looking for something a little more unique, take some time and skim the different types of containers. As you may decide on a container type, make sure it is on the market within the condition you prefer. Many of them are difficult to get new, and some of them are difficult to find by any means.

A lot of the cube canisters will be the rarest. Many people love the 20-foot or 40-foot standard shipping container, however are also available with double doors. The containers with double doors could be more uncommon, however they offer quite a benefit. Naturally, the things you buy depends on everything you plan to do with the container.

One of several cubed shipping containers that are very common is the 40-foot standard. Imagine assembling a house built using multiple kinds of containers. In a room, you have a vaulted ceiling because of a cubed container, and you will have the containers all interconnected. You may have designed your own home to get two stories, and you will have paid just as much focus to your home’s exterior as you need to design the interior portion.

Shipping containers are becoming more popular than before. People have long-used retired shipping containers for a number of purposes. However right now folks are buying them new and turning them into homes. A couple of trend has popularized these containers because preppers utilize them for bunkers as said before, too. Whether you want one container or a number of them, Shipping Container World has your back. They can answer your entire questions on payment and delivery, too.