How To Get A Shipping Crate From Shipped

Finding a reputable place to get a shipping container is not always the easiest thing to accomplish. There are many different businesses that claim that they have the best in the industry, but there is only one that stands out apart from the rest. A company by the name of Shipped is the one that you will want to work with. It is a business that has an excellent reputation. They have a wide variety of shipping containers for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes. Here is how you can get a shipping crate from this company.

Why Would You Purchase From Them?

You should consider purchasing one from them because they have an excellent reputation in the industry. They also provide very low prices. They start at $2495 for brand-new ones, and you can get used ones for even less. They can make deliveries and about seven days, sometimes less you are close by. They make it very easy to place an order over the phone, or online, and will always provide you with the most exceptional products area

What Type Of Shipping Crates Do They Have?

This company has several different types of crates for all different purposes. You might need to have one for seasonal storage, showroom space, or you could use one for a ready to go workshop. If you are in an industrial or commercial industries such as shipping products overseas, you can always get one that will work perfectly with your business. They can be as small as 20 feet long, going all the way up to 40 feet, giving you a lot of versatility. Let’s look at a few of the specs that they have available on their website to show you exactly what they have to offer.

General Specs On The Containers

These containers are measured by length, width and height for both internal and external dimensions. You can also look at the door aperture, internal volume, and also the max gross weight to help you make calculations. All of this information is provided on the Shipped website. It also gives you the contact and order information as well. They make it is easy as possible to see what they look like in their photo gallery, and will provide you with all of the dimensions that you will need to consider before you make your purchase.

This business is one of the best in the industry and if you have not been able to find a company that has a shipping crate that is adequate for your needs, they will definitely have it. They can have it to your location, residential or commercial, in as little as three days. This is a business that can save you money, all the while providing you with the best crates in the industry. If this is what you need to purchase in the next few days, definitely contact Shipped to see what they have available so that you can place your order for the one that you need.