Used Shipping Containers

Why Should You Consider Used Shipping Containers For Sale?

When you need to get a shipping container, you want to get the best value for your money. A lot of people think that in order to get a high quality shipping container, they have to buy them brand new. That is great if you can afford it. However, if you need multiple containers, the cost can add up. If you do not want to break your budget, you can consider buying used shipping containers. What are some of the things that you need to consider if you want to buy used shipping containers?

A shipping container that is previous used does not mean that it is poor quality. A lot of times, the container is in perfectly good shape. One thing that you want to make sure of is that it is still guaranteed to be wind and water tight. These are usually containers that have gone out on cargo ships for about eight to twelve years, and which are now being retired. These will have signs of wear and tear on the outside, like some rust, dents, and some bowing on the roof. But these are just cosmetic damages that do not affect how the container performs. The container should have no gaps and still should not let in water or wind. The door should have no problems opening and closing. So, you can get one at a really good price and still get peace of mind that your content will be protected from wind and water.

If you want something that has quality between a new container and a wind/water tight container, you can consider one that is still being used on cargo ships. These have not yet been retired, and they are typically less than eight years old. These carry a certification that they are still sea-worthy. These will probably have some cosmetic damage on the outside like scratches, dents, or patches, but you will be guaranteed of their structural integrity. You can expect these to cost between 10 to 25 percent more than an older, retired shipping container.

Whatever you do, you should stay away from containers that are sold with damage “as-is” because these can have structural damage that can cause you problems. The damage can be anything from a door that will not close or open properly, walls that have so much rust and corrosion that the walls are no longer sound, and other types of major damage that will make the container not safe to use. These are bad investments no matter how cheap the price might be. You would not want to risk your content being damaged by housing them in one of these. These severely damaged containers will usually be recycled for scrap metal, so the metal won’t go to waste.

So, a used shipping container can still have a lot of life in it. It all depends on your needs. If you need something to protect your contents, go with used shipping containers for sale that are certified to be sea worthy or one that is wind and water tight. You will save a lot of money with these choices.

Shipping Crate Supplier

How To Get A Shipping Crate From Shipped

Finding a reputable place to get a shipping container is not always the easiest thing to accomplish. There are many different businesses that claim that they have the best in the industry, but there is only one that stands out apart from the rest. A company by the name of Shipped is the one that you will want to work with. It is a business that has an excellent reputation. They have a wide variety of shipping containers for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes. Here is how you can get a shipping crate from this company.

Why Would You Purchase From Them?

You should consider purchasing one from them because they have an excellent reputation in the industry. They also provide very low prices. They start at $2495 for brand-new ones, and you can get used ones for even less. They can make deliveries and about seven days, sometimes less you are close by. They make it very easy to place an order over the phone, or online, and will always provide you with the most exceptional products area

What Type Of Shipping Crates Do They Have?

This company has several different types of crates for all different purposes. You might need to have one for seasonal storage, showroom space, or you could use one for a ready to go workshop. If you are in an industrial or commercial industries such as shipping products overseas, you can always get one that will work perfectly with your business. They can be as small as 20 feet long, going all the way up to 40 feet, giving you a lot of versatility. Let’s look at a few of the specs that they have available on their website to show you exactly what they have to offer.

General Specs On The Containers

These containers are measured by length, width and height for both internal and external dimensions. You can also look at the door aperture, internal volume, and also the max gross weight to help you make calculations. All of this information is provided on the Shipped website. It also gives you the contact and order information as well. They make it is easy as possible to see what they look like in their photo gallery, and will provide you with all of the dimensions that you will need to consider before you make your purchase.

This business is one of the best in the industry and if you have not been able to find a company that has a shipping crate that is adequate for your needs, they will definitely have it. They can have it to your location, residential or commercial, in as little as three days. This is a business that can save you money, all the while providing you with the best crates in the industry. If this is what you need to purchase in the next few days, definitely contact Shipped to see what they have available so that you can place your order for the one that you need.

Cargo Container

The Benefits and Many Uses of a Cargo Container

When most of us think of using a cargo container, we typically only consider shipping items from one area to another. The fact of the matter is, however, there are a number of reasons why you might consider using a cargo container for both residential and commercial use. In addition, the benefits of using those containers are well worth considering as well.

One of the many benefits of using a cargo container, regardless of whether you are using it for commercial or personal use is that it minimizes the risk of damage. The container itself is quite strong, being able to handle a considerable amount of abuse if necessary. The damage risk to what is on the interior is minimized or eliminated.

Other benefits include the security that is available through using a cargo container. It doesn’t matter if you have it on your property or if you are shipping it long-distance, pilferage and safety are always going to be a consideration. The storage container can be secured in a number of ways, so it is less likely for problems to occur in this area. Additionally, storing your items in a storage container certainly is less risky than storing them out in the open.

Another consideration is cost. If you are shipping items long-distance or using the container to store them on your property, you can save a considerable amount of money. Renting an outside unit for storage is quite expensive and packing and storing items can be expensive as well for moving purposes. Having a storage container at your disposal can help to speed up the packing process and save you money at the same time.

It is true that the primary reason why cargo containers are used is for sending items to other areas of the world on a boat. You might be surprised with some of the many other uses of these containers, many of which can help you to save money and make your life a lot easier.

Industrial use of cargo containers is relatively common. The storage available in the container is not only watertight, it is also very secure. Many businesses use it for controlling their inventory, storing waste, equipment and seasonal items. Some even use it as a way to expand their workplace.

They are also used for residential uses, including as an addition to the home or an exterior workshop. On-site storage, seasonal storage and preparing for a move are also reasons why these containers are frequently used. Some even use them as an underground bunker.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, you are likely to have a reason why these containers can be utilized for your needs. Regardless of whether you are a large business trying to store excess inventory or a homeowner that is getting ready for a move, cargo containers are a convenience that cannot be underestimated. When you have the container that is right for you, it provides these benefits and more.

20 Foot Shipping Containers

Reasons To Purchase A 20 Feet Container From Shipped

If you have not been able to find a place to purchase a quality 20 foot container, you should consider working with a company called Shipped. It is a business that allows you to select from 20 and 40 foot containers that are designed for all different purposes. Whether you are looking for a container that were storage, or for shifting products overseas, you will be able to find one very quickly. Here is what you need to do if you would like to purchase one from this company that is highly regarded in this industry.

Why You Should Work With Shipped

If you are looking for a 20 foot container, visit their website today to go through their shipping container buyers guide. They have containers that are for sale and for rent. There is no need to get a quote because all of the prices are listed. They also provide seven different payment options which will work for most individuals. They have successfully worked with hundreds of different shipping lines and also off lease shipping companies so they have a track record for success. They will likely have exactly what you are looking for at a price that is affordable.

What Type Of Containers Do They Have?

The containers that they have will be fully covered by their guarantee and delivered between three and seven days later. You will have a large selection to choose from which will include high cube, standard, double doors and open side containers. Once you purchase one, you will be able to have it delivered to your place of residence or your business. You can purchase new ones at about $2495 for brand-new ones and $1495 for the others.

How Long Will It Take

Although they typically can deliver between three and seven days, this is going to depend on when you place the order. If there are holidays, that time can be delayed, especially if you’re making a large purchase. They will bring them directly to your location on a tilt bed trailer. All of the drivers will be only licensed and bonded to make sure that it arrived safely.

Benefits Of Purchasing From Shipped

If you do decide to purchase from shipped, you will be able to feel confident about their ironclad marketplace protection policy guarantee. You will be 100% covered every time. They actually take secure online payments and have 100% fraud protection plus delivery assurance. This satisfaction guarantee has also made them very popular with people that consistently purchase from them year after year. Whether you need this for your construction team to store merchandise, or if you simply need something on your property to store merchandise while you are moving, they will have exactly what you are looking for.

Go to the Shipped website today and find out more about the product that they have. You will be pleasantly surprised by the that selection that is available. You will soon be able to get the container that you need at the most reasonable cost. They also come in different colors to give you more variety. Once you have created an account, you can easily place orders for additional ones and have them delivered whenever you need a new one. Shipped is the leader in this industry across the nation then there is likely a distribution site near your location. Find out more about this top company that deals in shipping containers today.

Storage Containers for Sale

Choose From Among Storage Containers Of All Sizes And Types

Not everyone has a reason for buying a shipping container, but they are used for a variety of purposes. Businesses use them to store extra inventory, equipment and all kinds of stuff. Just the other day, there was a TV show that featured a woman who was a hoarder and had to move out of her house and get it up to code. She rented 16 storage units. Renting units is one thing, and that is an extreme story, but people find use for storage crates all the same. What do you plan to use them for?

You would need the space to put one that is for sure. Farmers could put them on their land to store farm equipment and more. One thing you have to ask yourself is if you need one for the short term or if you need one of your own. Perhaps you even need more than one permanent storage container on your property. You do know that there are containers available to rent that can be brought to your location, and there are commercial storage unit options as mentioned earlier, too.

You may or may not know of any suppliers that can help you out locally. Of course that really shouldn’t matter ultimately except the fact that your purchase might be cheaper. There are not just different size containers, but also different types as well. For example, one option you have is a pre fab storage container. Experts say don’t buy those though if you’re trying to find the cheapest option. So it also pays to watch out for the type of crate you buy.

While you might know what you’re going to get more if you buy from a supplier and not an individual seller, classified ads and listings online might be a money saver for you. You might even run into suppliers with those types of listings of course or businesses just trying to liquidate. Either way, those are options where you might not only find a good deal but be able to haggle the price as well.

One other tip from the experts is to hire an inspector for the trailer. You don’t want a leaky trailer or anything else wrong with the trailer you buy for that matter. So in that case, would you really want to buy a used trailer from calling the number on a classified ad? First, that is one reason why it can be better to buy one locally, whether you find it from an ad or not.

You need to start there and then branch out, looking for deals. You can ask if the trailer has been inspected, and you can have it inspected before you buy. Think about materials and their strength when you are buying one of these storage containers, too. You can find certain websites that have tons of these storage units, all different types and sizes for sale, and these storage unit wholesalers might just be able to give you the best deal.

Shipping Container Dimensions

Information About Shipping Container Dimensions

Shipping containers can be used for a wide variety of purposes and they are a convenient option when they are needed. Some of the different types of uses can include storing excess inventory, expanding your workplace, storing waste, storing items for the season, secure storage and storing tools or equipment. They are not only available for commercial and retail use, they also provide an excellent option residential use as well.

Shipping containers come in a number of different sizes so they can be a convenient option for any use. The size of the shipping container is measured to the exterior of the container, so the volume is slightly less when you consider the interior dimensions. This can be important if you are storing things that are of a very specific size, such as boxes of inventory. It may also make a difference if you are shipping items using these containers, as it will affect how much volume they hold.

The standard shipping container height is 8′ 6″, but for those who need a taller option, there are 9′ 6″ containers available. This can make a difference for a number of reasons. At times, you may be storing or shipping items that need that extra 1 foot of height. If you were to try to store those items at an angle, it could take up a considerable footprint and limit how much you were able to store in the unit. Typically, if you are going to be storing something that is higher than the standard container height, it is best to go with a taller option.

As far as the specific container lengths are concerned, this is also something that differs from one to another. Some of the more common lengths are 20 feet, 40 feet, 48 feet and 53 feet. This can certainly make a significant difference in the volume that they are able to hold. Of course, you would always want to choose your container size according to the amount of space that you have to store the container, if you were using it for storage purposes.

The width of every size of storage container is a standard 8′ 0″as the external measurement. The internal measurement for the width is slightly smaller. Typically, the width is going to be anywhere from 7″ to 5″ less on the interior.

There are also a number of other options to consider along with the size of the storage container. For example, some containers are going to have double doors on one side only while others may open on both ends. There are also some containers that can be opened on the side as well, and it can help you to get to inventory without having to remove what may be closer to the doors on the front or back.

Choosing the right storage container can help you to have the additional storage you need without using too much of a footprint on your property. You can contact us for more information as to what we provide.

Sea Containers For Sale

Reasons To Get Sea Containers From Shipped

If you have a business that requires you to put your merchandise into containers that are going to be shipped on a large vessel, you will need to have access to some of the best ones. It’s good to work with a company that not only has the best products, but can also guarantee that you will pay the lowest prices for this merchandise. You need to also work with a business that has a multitude of different sizes and styles of sea containers. The company by the name of Shipped is one that you should certainly consider working with because of their reputation and their excellent prices.

What Type Of Containers Do They Have?

They have so many different shipping containers, it is unlikely that you will not be able to find one that you need. They will have those that are used for industrial, residential, and commercial purposes, all in different sizes and shapes. The types of containers will include those that are wind and watertight, and they come in many different sizes. They start at 20 feet, going all the way up to 53 feet, and the different styles include high cube, open side, standard and double doors.

How Much Do They Cost?

The price will be as low as $1495 for the used models that they have. Brand-new models begin at $2495. The amount that you pay will be much lower than you will find that other businesses that sell similar products, but this company also offers exceptionally fast deliveries. After you place your order, depending upon where you live, they can be dropped off between three and seven days. They will make sure that you can stay right on schedule by delivering your sea containers that you can order online or over the phone.

How Easy Is It To Purchase Them?

It is actually very easy to place an order. It is recommended that you add what you want to the shopping cart, and once you are done placing the order, you will have a login username and password. This will allow you to make additional purchases very quickly because all of your credit card or bank information will be there. This makes it very easy for customers to make additional purchases, and they will likely do so because of the low cost of the containers that are sold.

Although you may only need to purchase sea containers, you may also have other uses for containers for a variety of reasons. You may need containers for supplies, equipment, or even excess inventory, and Shipped will make sure that you have the right one. If you are in dire need of a shipping container for a shipment that you have going out soon, you will be able to load your merchandise into a brand-new or use sea container in the next few days. This is a company that you can trust with great feedback from previous customers, and low prices that will keep you coming back for more.

Steel Containers For Sale

How To Get Excellent Deals On Steel Containers

If you need to purchase a brand-new or used steel container, you should consider getting one from a company called Shipped. It is a business that is considered by many people to have the best shipping containers in the industry. They have many different sizes and styles, and they offer delivery assurance. They are 100% fraud protected and allow you to make secure online payments. They have received many positive reviews and are a verified and rated seller. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed with this company, and here is a little bit of information about this company that will provide you with the best shipping containers.

What Type Of Shipping Containers Do They Have?

They have several different shipping containers available including those that are standard, high cube, and those that have double doors. They have ones that can open up on the side, and many others. On their website, you can go through the container ratings guide, buyers guide, and also get to visually see all of the different ones that they are currently selling. They have a photo gallery available, and you can also create an account so that you can start purchasing shipping containers any time that you want.

How Fast Can They Deliver Them To You?

They are able to get containers to very quickly. They average between three and seven days. They can deliver it to your home, or your business, and they will do all of the heavy lifting. They are the world’s largest provider of shipping containers, and they can deliver this promptly using a tilt bed trailer. All of their drivers are insured, bonded and licensed to do this type of work, making it very easy for you to feel confident about the services that you will receive.

How Much Do They Cost?

One of the best things about working with a company this large is that you can get these containers for a very minimal price. They start at just $2495. If you are on a budget, you can take advantage of the extra savings that is made possible by getting ones that are used starting at $1495. Once you have placed your order, they can then begin to get things ready. You can also contact them by email, Skype, or by phone. They will make the entire transaction flawless so if you have any problems at all placing your order, or getting your account set up, their customer service representatives will be there to help.

Shipped is a company that you can certainly trust if you need a steel container for sale. They have the best that are currently available. If you have not purchased from them before, they will ensure that the entire process from start to finish is as easy as possible, plus they can provide you with an excellent deal. Contact Shipped today to learn more about all of the containers that they have available that you can purchase from this reputable company.

Shipping Containers For Sale

Quality Shipping Containers For Sale And Also Available Through Rent To Own

If you are looking to buy a storage container, it has never been easier. Pick out any type of storage container you can imagine, whether it be one with an open side, double doors or some other feature. Pick a size and material type, too. Now imagine that not only could you buy that container instantly online with a fast delivery quote included, but you can even opt to rent to own the container instead of buying it outright. Sure you save money making an outright purchase, but the point is you have options when buying these huge shipping containers.

Anyone can sign on, select a container of their choice, get a rental quote or a buy now quote and have it shipped to their address in just days. It is just that easy folks, and it’s interesting to know that when your other option is to possibly buy used containers from individual sellers. The used storage containers would need to be inspected, so do you really want to go that route? Would the supplier described above be a better solution?

You have to ask yourself some questions. First does that supplier have the highest quality products? Second, do the buy now prices compare to the cheapest but best options out there for storage containers? Third, you do have to realize that the buy now through a rent to own program is going to be expensive on you. It does have its definite advantages though, but you just have to accept you’re going to pay more financing it that way.

If you choose a rent to own program, you know the financing costs more, but are the payments affordable? If they are, then that might still make sense for you, especially if you are thinking about renting one anyway. For example, let’s say you have a project planned and need three shipping containers for nine months. You decide to get a rental quote, but then you hear about the rent to own program. You add up the costs, and you find out that the rent to own program might charge you less monthly than renting them normally would.

So then you look at how long you would have to rent them to own them. You remember that you might have future projects that could find these storage containers coming in handy once again. Why pay all that money for renting them? You could pay rental fees, but they can go towards you owning those storage containers instead. If you are going to save money each month on the rental fee, could that savings go towards paying down the principal balance of what you owe?

In other words, can you pay off your shipping container faster if you can do so? That is something you might want to know about storage container rent to own contracts. Of course, maybe you plan to buy yours outright still, and in that case, be sure that you find a site that sells quality shipping containers.

Buy Affordable Intermodal Container For Sale

Built-In Efficiency Transport Experts: The Intermodal Container

Finding an intermodal container for sale might seem a lot like trying to find a needle in a haystack, or locating a gold vein to strike it rich. In other words, the chances are slim to none for you and me, right? Wrong.

The great news is that all of those shipping containers people on land see stamped with Chinese Hanzi, or international shipping company information, are all intermodal containers. Why is that good news? Well, it turns out sometimes they get rid of the old containers.

Only, enterprise is not as wasteful as people think. No if a business has any asset, even a shipping container, it resells them or rents them out when they are done using them. They do not just dump them in the ocean, or give them away for the local recylers to get their hands on. After all, even recycling companies are actually in the business of reselling materials, and making money off of them.

Unwanted Freight Containers: Your Opportunity
Containers that have done their time, and are ready to be put out of commission, are in other words, ready to be sold off or rented to customers. Though, for a business that works hard to maintain a logistics operation, it is best to outsource selling off of shipping containers.

More Than 16 Years’ Experience

With more than 16 years of experience, Shipping Container World provides the opportunity to purchase new or used intermodal containers. In that many years they have developed the relationships necessary to foster, well, good deals for clients.

Shipping Container World provides all the expertise to both seller and buyer. While it sounds like an expensive proposition for buyer, it’s not. Because the company uses the power of the Internet it helps cut costs. They honestly are among the best in the world at what they do.

There are many reasons to buy intermodal containers. Some are starting up their own import and export businesses, and have a practical shipping use for them. Others may never need for their goods to leave domestic land.

If there’s any question about what purpose, size, and material the containers should be, turn it over to Shipping Container World. They have experts in the business who are very capable and patient work with existing and potential clients around the world.

They will be able to advise on whether it’s best to invest in an intermodal container or in a trucking shipping container. Though, most would assume that the earlier is probably the best bet, that may not always be the case.

Pricing from this company tends to be very competitive, and is easily able to provide the wholesale pricing without dealing in the high-volume and high-ticket level a wholesaler would require to place orders.

Look at all of the opportunities that shipping containers can provide, from sending goods from a donors for a non-profit to impoverished nations to shipping goods from fair trade nations to market. There are endless ways to make use of containers.