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The Process Of Purchasing Shipping Containers From Shipping Container World

If you are in search of a shipping container to purchase, and you aren't sure where to find one, you may want to think about buying one from ShippingContainer.World. The company is the largest shipping container marketplace and provider in the world, and they sell both used and new models for your convenience. You can also rent them in addition to buying them, and there are many different sizes that are available for you to choose from. The company's website makes it quite easy for you to see everything they have available, and then add what you want to your shopping cart and get your final order placed. The following is an overview of what can be found on their website, along with what the process is for purchasing a shipping container at ShippingContainer.World.

It is a company that ships containers all over the world. ShippingContainer.World has multiple locations in America, in both Canada and the United States. The way most people end up doing business with the company is through finding their website online and then searching through their various shipping containers they have on offer currently. If you would like you can purchase one and then have it shipped over to a remote location. You can also take advantage of the company's rental program, and locate one of their numerous distribution sites that are located throughout Canada and the United States.

An Overview Of Who Runs This Business

Jason Fox founded the company and is its developer and CEO. He is also the mastermind behind the online part of the business. Their operations manager is Luke Ward, an individual with experience in Australia's mining industry that has helped build the company into what it is today. The operations supervisor is Caroline Montford, who is responsible for all of the logistics involved in shipping their containers all over the world. There are many other individuals who are involved with the company that help make it so successful. All of these individuals at ShippingContainer.World are make it possible for them to provide such a large selection of containers and have them available to order online.

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What Kind Of Shipping Containers Can You Purchase?

They have a number of different containers for sale, including 40 foot and 20 foot containers, with both of them available in different designs. They currently have open side, double door, high-cube and standard models available. For example, when looking at the specifications and sizes of the various shipping containers they have currently, they have many used and brand-new that are 20 x 8 x 6 feet in dimension. In addition, they have 40 x 9 x 6 and 40 x 8 x 6 foot containers, as well as many others in different sizes. You can find these various configurations on their website in addition to photos so that you will be able to see what you are buying. The containers are also organized by rare, least common and most common, which allows you to see which ones are available currently.

Where Can You Buy The Containers?

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The company has several terminal locations spread across Canada and the United States. Some are in large deep water seaports, whereas others are located inland. They are divided up by type, location and some also will show you the common sizes that each location has available. They will also tell you what the typical rates are for each of their containers, as well as whether or not delivery service is available. They will show you whatever special deals they are running that week as well. You can save a good amount on your rental or purchase. They also have a page you can use that has all 50 states listed on it, and you can use the instant search box there. When you click on a name of a state, it will let you know the number of cities that are in the state, and the cities are divided up according to population. Once you click on a city, it takes you to a different page where it tells you whether it can be purchased now, and if there is a rent to option available as well. A live chat banner is on all of the pages that you can click on if you want to chat or have questions.

Where Can These Containers Be Shipping Container World?

The containers that the company sells can be delivered to various parts of the world. There is an interactive map available that tells you where the containers can be delivered. On the map are displayed a majority of the world's countries, including Australia, Europe, Africa, South America and North America. The cost of shipping is calculated when your order is placed. You will also be told whether shipping is available or not. They do their best to make it as easy as possible so that anyone can rent or buy these containers by using their automated system and website for purchasing and renting containers.

Is Any Kind Of Protection Policy Or Guarantee Offered By The Company?

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Whenever the company ships a container, they always have it sent to the buyer through an insured and bonded delivery person. You won't need to worry about the shipping container getting lost or damaged during transit. That guarantees that, even if there is an unforeseen accident, that your shipping container will always be delivered to you. A protection policy is also offered on their online payments. The most recent HTML 5 secured web standards are used on their website. Your credit card information is also never stored, meaning that even if online hackers were able to get in, they wouldn't access to your information. The most recent 256 bit SSL encryption technology protects their server, and their physical merchandise is rated and inspected on a regular basis. The container that you rent or order will also be in immaculate condition, the same way it is represented on the company website.

What Are Shipping Containers Made From?

Their container are made out of COR-TEN steel, which is a kind of steel that is able to withstand impact. The steel is rust resistant and noncorrosive, which guarantees that it will last for a number of years even when they are used across the ocean for transit purposes. They have been designed to be able to withstand harsh conditions that are associated with ships that travel for years across the ocean. They are made out of a material that is adaptive reuse qualified. It is the same kind of material people are looking for when they are wanting to go green and use the containers in their homes. Many people who buy from the company use the containers for other purposes besides shipping. They make homes out of them and they can also be used for massive composting containers, storage sheds, emergency shelters and swimming pools. However, there are also many clients who do buy the containers for shipping merchandise over the ocean, or use them for storage. These can both be easily accomplished by using the company's containers.

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How Fast Can The Containers Be Delivered?

Usually delivery is very fast. It states on their website that deliveries occur within three to seven days. Their professionals will load up the exact container that you order and place it on a tilt bed trailer. It is then delivered by an insured, licensed and bonded employee. How much time it takes will depend on which facility your order was placed with. Shipping times also don't include holidays or weekends. There may also be a delay for a couple of days while waiting for your payment to clear, however other than that a majority of customers receive their containers in about a week after their order has been placed. If you have any problems, you can call their customer service department or go to their website and use their instant chat function.

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What About Their Rent To Own Program

The rent to own program offered by is a very convenient way to pay for many different kinds of merchandise. Most likely you have seen this payment system being used by companies that sell furniture. You are basically making payments on your container until you have paid off the total amount. The program starts at the very low price of just $119 per month. That makes is very affordable for small businesses and individuals, so that they are able to obtain a container even when they only have a limited amount of capital to work with. Although ShippingContainer.World offers regular low prices, they also have many discounts and sales available that can be found on their site.

ShippingContainer.World Special Offers

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Sales are offered from time to time by the company. It includes deals on both their containers as well as discounts on the company's rent to own program. You will need to check back every once in a while to find out what special deals are being offered currently if aren't able to find a container you want to buy or rent. It is such a large company that many of its distribution sites run specials, and you can buy from them and have your container delivered to where you need it. That makes it much easier for individuals who are searching for special offers, and it will save money even when you may need to wait a couple of extra days for your container to be delivered.

Why ShippingContainer.World Is Recommended By So Many People

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The reason why this company is recommended by so many people is due to the fact that so many benefits are offered. They offered 100% fraud protection for one thing. That means that the containers they advertise are of high quality, so you won't need to worry about receiving inferior products just because you are paying a low price for them. They offer a delivery assurance guarantee to any company or individual who purchases their containers, no matter where they happen to be in the world. After you have placed your order the container will be delivered by the time that is specified at the time of your purchase. A secure online payment system is available for purchases and online monthly payments. They also offer a satisfaction guarantee that is applicable up until you have inspect the unit and taken possession of it. However, once you have taken possession of your contain you cannot return it. A majority of people who receive containers are quite satisfied with them, however it is also good knowing that an ironclad guarantee is offered.

Are There Customer Testimonials That Are Available?

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Many people these days won't buy services or products unless they are able to see some kind of social proof that indicates that other customers are happy with them. The company has numerous testimonials from customers who have bought their containers, describing their personal experiences. From individuals to engineers and managing directors at international corporations, these testimonials can be found on their website. These testimonials describe how easy working with the business is, and how happy they were with the product they purchased, and what others need to know before buying one of the containers.

If you have been searching for a company that offers the best containers for sale, and also has numerous distribution sites available, then ShippingContainer.World is a great option. The business has numerous locations across Canada and the continental United States. If you visit their photo gallery you will be able to see everything they are offering and what is available currently. Price for brand-new containers start at $2,495. Use container prices start at $1,495. These factors make them one of industry's most effective container companies. When you combine this with their convenient ordering process and fast shipping, it would be hard to find another company offering a higher level of service. Check out their website today to find out what is in stock.

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